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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I become an "accepted author"?

When registering, enter a link where it is possible to hear your music. Intervox will monitor whether the musical and technical quality of your demo suits the look and feel of Intervox and/or Black is Blonde. We will inform you via email (approximately 30 days after registering). In positive cases, your account will be activated and you will receive together with your activation email the agreement of Intervox Germany (for the Intervox library) and Intervox UK (for the Black is Blonde library). You can log in now on the platform. For a successful login, it is necessary that you both accept the agreement with Intervox Germany and with Intervox UK.

How can I offer my titles?

After logging in on the website you can view all current briefings under the heading "Briefings". These show you what type of genre/mood/topic is necessary using reference tracks. You can then correspondingly decide on what you are going to offer. You can upload your new composition via "upload new track". If a title is accepted, you will be immediately informed by email.

Can I also send what I offer via email or download link?

No, we only accept titles that are uploaded to our website.

Can I upload demo versions and provide a final production later?

No, for assessment we require final productions of tracks that do not require any subsequent mastering.

Can I offer uploaded (not yet published) titles to Intervox in parallel with other libraries?

No. You can only offer the track to third parties when Intervox informs you that the title is not going to be used or if Intervox has not published it within 6 months of being uploaded.

Can I offer an entire album with my music for an Intervox briefing?

No. Our customers expect maximum variety - every Intervox album should have the widest possible range of styles, directions and authors. You can, however, allocate suitable tracks to suitable album briefings.

I am not a member of a collecting society (e.g. PRS, mcps) - can I still become an Intervox composer?

No, membership of a collecting society is a prerequisite for billing.

Do I receive advance payment for accepted titles?

No, we do not pay an up-front production fee.

What percentage share do I receive?

The share for performing rights and mechanical rights depends on the distribution formula of the collecting societies in each country and is usually 50:50 (author:publisher). Intervox shall pay 25% of direct synch rights (other rights) to the author.

Is there an opportunity to see which of my titles has been used by whom?

No, the website does not offer you as a composer information about this. However, Intervox has the opportunity to control use on TV with the help of TuneSat software. This tool helps us to recognise and document unreported use. We can later submit the unreported usage for claims with GEMA. On the basis of this they calculate the fee retrospectively - for you as a composer and us as a publisher.

What is a CAE/IPI number?

The CAE/IPI number is an international identifying code assigned to each Interested Party in musical rights management. The CAE/IPI No. is usually assigned by the collecting society the Interested Party is member of.